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Battle of Ferozeshah

Anglo Sikh Wars
21-22 December 1845

Following the battle that took place at Mukdi, the British Army proceeded northwest in a bid to joining forces with their besieged garrison at Ferozepore; a meeting which, conspicuously, the Sikh army did not prevent.

Later that afternoon and well into the night, the British attacked the Sikh entrenchment in the village, with success in capturing and securing parts of the Sikh encampment despite the constant threats of a possible counter-attack. With defeat still a strong possibility, the Governor General, Lord Hardinge ordered for the state papers at Mukdi to be destroyed.

However, by the following morning they had managed to dislodge what remained of the Sikh regiment from the village after more than sixteen hours of fighting. With the Sikhs looking ever more fatigued, a large reinforcement arrived headed by the army's commander-in-chief, Tej Singh. Despite the strong reinforcement though, a lack of coordination and direction led, ultimately, to an order to withdraw that same afternoon.