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Banda Singh Bahadur: Ruler or Rebel?

17/6/2010 to 17/6/2010

Political Response to Imperial Hegemony

In 1710, Banda Singh Bahadur and the Khalsa uprooted the Mughal imperial rule in the Panjab and established the Khalsa Raj. This brief and critical period established the precedence for Sikh sovereignty and political doctrine.

Using a theological-historical approach in understanding the context of the Khalsa-Mughal confrontation, the presentation draws upon archaeological, military, and numismatic evidence. It explores how this early 18th century interlude of Khalsa Raj is used as a foundation for a continued understanding of the relationship between the Khalsa and the State, the Sikh attitude towards governance, and how the conscious transmission of the historical memory of Banda Singh Bahadur provides a rich repertoire for Sikhs even in contemporary times.

Speaker Bio: Harinder Singh serves as the co-founder and the Chief Programming Officer of the Sikh Research Institute, a community development organization focused on education as a fulcrum for social change. Singh integrates an interdisciplinary approach to address contemporary concerns in an inspirational manner on issues related to the Sikhs, the Panjab, and the South Asia. His work and activism spans several dimensions: art, linguistics, theology, politics, and history. Singh speaks frequently at educational and community forums across North America, sharing intricacies of the Sikh culture. He also serves on the boards of the Panjab Digital Library, the United Communities of San Antonio, and the Nanakshahi Trust.

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6.30pm - 8.15pm
Seminar Room 1.10, Franklin-Wilkins Building, Kings College London, SE1 9NH

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