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Sikh Fortress Turban

24/9/2013 to 17/11/2013

A British Museum Tour

Exhibition in Gallery 3

Unravel the stories of the Sikh turban and discover how and why turbans symbolise Sikh faith and identity.

The exhibition is centred around a turban known as a Dastaar Boonga or fortress turban, worn by a group of skilled warrior Sikhs called Akali Nihangs. It was used to protect the head in battle and to hold weapons including daggers, swords and metal throwing discs.


Herbert Illumination
Object Insight: The Sikh Fortress Turban

Thursday 26 September
12.30pm - 1.30pm FREE

Join curator Paramdip Khera to find out more about this wonderful exhibit from the British Museum's collection.

Booking is not required

3rd Battalion Sikh Regiment and Captain Thomas Rattray

Sunday 10 November
2.00pm FREE

Raised in 1855 by Captain Thomas Rattray, the Rattray's Sikhs have become one of the most decorated battalions of the Sikh Regiment. This illustrated talk by a descendant of Captain Thomas will look at the Scottish roots and remarkable history of this famous infantry unit which is even today distinguished by their "quoit" badge and tartan.

Booking is advised

An Illustrated Talk on the Life of Ranjit Singh

Sunday 15 September
2.00pm FREE

"The more I see of Ranjit Singh, the more he strikes me as an extraordinary man"
W G Osborne. British Military Secretary

Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the Lion of the Punjab created a rich and geographically vast Sikh kingdom in Northern India in the early 1800s.

This illustrated talk by Sarinjit Singh Bahia explores the origins and legacy of this towering historical figure.

Booking is advised

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