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Clash of the LionsDate: Friday, 20 February, 2009

ASHT recently delivered two illustrated talks to over 40 students of Oxford University.

'Clash of the Lions' a talk given by MDSCT Trustee and Military Historian, Sarinjit Singh, brought to life the story of the Sikh Army under Maharajah Ranjit Singh. This army went from an undrilled force, to a modern well equipped fighting force, who eventually went on to become formidable adversaries of the dominant British Army of the time.

The second talk entitled ‘Annexation and Beyond' looked at how the seminal events surrounding the aftermath of the Anglo Sikh wars had gone on to influence, and determine, the course of Sikh history thereafter.

"The ASHT lecture series entitled 'The Clash of the Lions' were packed full of information of an almost fogotten part of the history of the Punjab. The interactive nature of the presentations managed to engage and stimulate the whole audience while still conveying an important message. The story of the lions was truly told in an emphatic way which will not be forgotten any time soon. Oxford Sikh Society looks forward to hosting the ASHT again in the near future!"    Somie Singh Sidhu, Oxford Sikh Society President

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