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Scottish Sikh Heritage LaunchDate: Thursday, 11 September, 2008

The largely unknown but amazing historical interplay between Sikhs and Scotland will take centre stage at Edinburgh Castle 30th September as the Minister For Culture and MSP Linda Fabiani hosts a reception to launch the Scottish Sikh Heritage Trail.

Both nations, known for their courage, tenacity, industry and intelligence, have been historically intertwined by way of colonial administrators, statesmen and military figures whose lives have spanned the momentous period of history that stretches from the late 1700's to the present.

The launch of the Trail will highlight these connections which reflect the shared history of adventure, comradeship, and sacrifice.

Over the coming months the Trail will develop further by way of further research on new sites, objects and a planned series of lectures, exhibitions, and workshops.

" The illustrious and unique heritage that the Sikhs and Scotland share will come to life through this initiative. It is our aspiration that it will help to inform, empower, and inspire individuals and the community at large to a greater appreciation of the history that unites them"

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