Date: January 2009


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  • The Maharajah & The Kohinoor
  • A Walk Through History
  • ASHT Out There
  • Sikh Architecture in Britain
  • Destruction of Battlefield at Sabraon
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The Maharajah & The Kohinoor
Image from the launch performance of the Maharajah & The Kohinoor.Courtesy of The Drum
Charting one of the most illustrious episodes in British history, 'The Maharajah and the Kohinoor' is a touching tale of love and loyalty. The play follows the story of Duleep Singh, Maharajah of Lahore and King of the Sikh Empire, who was deposed at the age of eleven and sent to England.

The play, commissioned by ASHT in association with The Drum, Zeroseefr Project and SAMPAD was launched in Birmingham October 2008.  Due to its tremendous success the play will be embarking on a National Tour of schools and local organisations.   If you'd like to see the play in your area contact

"The performance and presentation of the play at the Drum was exceptional. The actors played their characters very well...."  Pamela Jabbar

Have a look at the photos of the launch night!

A Walk Through History
Cover of the 2009 sikhpoint Calendar
This year's calendar entitled, 'A Walk Through History' was developed in conjunction with USA based Sikhpoint and launched in Los Angeles, California during the Sikh Art & Film Festival. The calendar literally journeys through a small part of the inspirational and informative Anglo Sikh History which is present in many sites across the UK.

"With its inspirational theme, engaging images, informative text and quality of production, the 2009 sikhpoint calendar is, like the precious objects featured in it, something to relish and preserve as a valued treasure of Sikh Heritage in its own right, well beyond 2009".  The Singh Twins

Take this opportunity to order your calendar now!

ASHT Out There
Children making sikh shields during ASHT Week 2008
In mid 2008, ASHT embarked on an ambitious Outreach Project to take its work  around the country. This year more Community Organisations, Museums, Theatres, Schools and Gurudwaras are participating in the ongoing work of ASHT.

"It's overwhelming just how much enthusiasm and interest organisations express about getting involved, there are so many active members in the community eager to engage in learning more about Sikh Heritage.  Equally, there are numerous heritage and arts organisations looking to programme events about Sikh Heritage".  Pavitter Mainn (Outreach Consultant South)

ASHT continues to develop its outreach activity through events, workshops, exhibitions and simply connecting!  Interested in getting involved?  Call 01922 721504 or email 

Sikh Architecture in Britain
Architectural drawing of Leamington Sikh Temple
A recent weekend event held at Oxford University examining the evolution of places of worship in the UK included a presentation by ASHT. Entitled “From redundant spires to gleaming domes” the  talk covered the historical factors behind early Sikh migration to Britain and the way the development and progress of the Sikh community is reflected in the architectural styles adopted by it in contemporary Gurudwara designs.

"The talk was first rate and an excellent introduction to the long-standing relationship between Sikhs and Britain, about which most of us are scandalously ignorant!"  Sarah Brown

Destruction of the Battlefield at Sabraon
Image of a Sikh Cannon from the Sutlej Campaign.©Maidstone Museum & Art Gallery
Some of the Sikh defences erected by the Sikh army before the critical Battle of Sabraon in 1846 during the First Anglo Sikh War remarkably still survive albeit in a badly eroded state. However parts of these are being quickly destroyed by local farmers who are appropriating any remaining uncultivated areas. Unless any government action is taken swiftly, no visible scar of the conflict will be left on this famous battlefield.

Before Christmas ASHT publicised the important research of its volunteer Amarpal S Sidhu and established contact with the relevant authorities in order to press for urgent action.

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