Date: February 2009


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ASHT Tours 2009
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This year ASHT Tours brings you three highly specialised tours covering aspects of Sikh Heritage at home and abroad.

The first  will be a Tour of the Battlefields of Northern Europe where many Sikhs fought and died during the First World War. Closing date 28th February, book now to avoid disappointment!

Other Tours will journey through prestigious locations in both Scotland and England to bring the historic relationship between Britain and the Sikhs to life!

Visit ASHT Tours to find out more

Clash of the Lions
 The Battle of Chillianwalla

ASHT recently delivered two illustrated talks to over 40 students of Oxford University.

'Clash of the Lions' a talk given by MDSCT Trustee and Military Historian, Sarinjit Singh, brought to life the story of the Sikh Army under Maharajah Ranjit Singh. This army went from an undrilled force, to a modern well equipped fighting force, who eventually went on to become formidable adversaries of the dominant British Army of the time.

The second talk entitled ‘Annexation and Beyond' looked at how the seminal events surrounding the aftermath of the Anglo Sikh wars had gone on to influence, and determine, the course of Sikh history thereafter.

National Profile, Local Roots
The Singhs Twins and an image of guests at the reception.

Cricketer Monty Panesar, artists The Singh Twins and singer Sukshinder Shinda were amongst some of the proud individuals recognised for their contribution to the Sikh community at ASHT's Civic Reception.

Local dignitaries and community leaders gathered at the Civic Reception in Walsall on Saturday 24th January in support of the event, and to hear Keynote speaker Judge Mota Singh QC, the first Senior Sikh judge in Britain, talk on 'Public Service and Civic Involvement'.

Recipients included Captain Makand Singh, Ranjit Singh OBE, Surinder Nijjer, Monty Panesar represented by his father, Sukshinder Shinda represented by his agent and The Singh Twins.

The Civic reception was also a showcasing platform for ‘The Punjab: Moving Journeys', an exhibition commissioned by the Royal Geographical Society and brought outside of London for the first time.

"The exhibition reveals the story of the 'Punjab', a region spanning India and Pakistan. With its complex history, the region's modern significance is explored by five British community groups with links to both countries. The 'moving journeys' of successive generations of Punjabi people, both within and across borders, are explored". Vandana Patel, Royal Geographical Society

The exhibition is available for community groups, for information please contact Parminder Dosanjh on 01922 721504.

Letters from the Past
The Reading Room at the National Library of Scotland and a letter by Ricahard Smith dated 12th january 1849

A fascinating letter written by Maharajah Ranjit Singh in ancient Persian script has been the subject of a recent study by ASHT's full time researcher, Eve Haddow.

The letter, held at the National Library of Scotland, was featured in The exhibition Tea and Tigers: Stories of Scotland and South Asia, which was held in the Library from June to September 2007.

Only partially translated, this letter gives an insight into the interaction between the Sikh Kingdom and the East India Company. ASHT is currently in the process of completing the translation.

The Manuscripts collection at the Library also holds a collection of letters by Richard Baird Smith, an engineer who served with the British army and was involved in the first and second Anglo Sikh Wars.

Find out more about Richard Baird Smith's letters here!

"The National Library of Scotland has a great collection of Sikh related material. I was particularly interested to find a letter written by Maharajah Ranjit Singh in their manuscripts collection. There are also some interesting letters written by British soldiers and government officials which offer us a real insight into British perspectives of the Sikhs". Eve Haddow, ASHT Researcher

Researchers Wanted
Sikh Coins depicting Guru Nanak and Bala at the British Museum researched by an ASHT Researcher
The work of the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail is constantly expanding and we need more researchers to help drive this work forward.  Researching can be very exciting and you could find yourself coming across unique historical finds.

A recent investigation by an ASHT researcher uncovered the remnants of the famous Battlefield at Sabraon and there are many more exciting discoveries to be made!

If you have an interest in research and would like to get involved please contact us on 01922 721504 or email

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