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Empire of the Sikhs


Ranjit Singh has been largely written out of Western accounts of the subcontinent.  Yet to his fellow countrymen he has been considered comparable in stature to his contemporary, Napoleon. 

He unified the warring chiefdoms of the Punjab into a powerful northern empire stretching to the borders of Afghanistan and Tibet, built up a formidable modern army, kept the British in check to the south of his realm, and closed the Khyber Pass through which plunderers had poured into India for centuries.

He was unique among empire-builders for his humanity, giving employment to defeated foes, honouring other religious faiths beside his own and including Hindus and Muslims among his ministers. 

In this definitive biography Patwant Singh, well known for The Sikhs, The Golden Temple and other books on Sikhism and modern India, and with his co-author, the distinguished numismatist Jyoti M Rai use a variety of eye-witness accounts from Indian and European sources to set the record straight for an international readership on one of the great figures of Indian history.

The Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail facilitated the UK Launch of this book which was attended by Jyoti M Rai at the Victoria & Albert Museum in October 2008.

Have at look at the pictures of the launch.

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